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Cyrus, JetCo Office Dog

Erik Greene Director of Sales and Marketing

  • (616) 588-2498

  • erik@jetcofederal.com

Erik is curious, open, and analytical. Growing up, Erik wanted to be an architect. Now, he works with customers to identify and solve complex logistics and sourcing challenges throughout their supply chain.

Which JetCo office dog is Erik? Cyrus - he’s patient and calm, but keeps an eye on everything.

Ashley Julien Biography Headshot

Ashley Julien Vice President of Operations

  • (616) 588-2499

  • ashley@jetcofederal.com

Ashley is ambitious, authentic, and resilient. Growing up, Ashley wanted to be the CEO of a major corporation. Now she runs operations, supply chain management, and quality for JetCo Federal.

Which JetCo office dog is Ashley? Yami - Ashley has thousands of photos of her.

Vanessa Lansdale Headshot Biography

Vanessa Lansdale Marketing Specialist

  • (616) 588-2494

  • vanessa@jetcofederal.com

Vanessa is hardworking, organized, and intentional. Growing up, Vanessa wanted to be an artist. Now she creates compelling content for JetCo and oversees any and all communication.

Which JetCo office dog is Vanessa? Cyrus - he's calm and collected.

Adam Lewak Biography Headshot

Adam Lewak Operations Manager

  • (616) 588-2506

  • adam@jetcofederal.com

Adam is cool, calm, and collected. Growing up, Adam wanted to be the Green Power Ranger and dating one of the Spice Girls. Now, he matches the shipping needs of customers to qualified transportation carriers.

Which JetCo office dog is Adam? Onyx - he's the toughest looking but is kind, timid, and gentle.

Rue, JetCo Office Dog

Sarah Meriwether Capture Specialist

  • (616) 588-2497

  • sarah@jetcofederal.com

Sarah is conscientious, genuine, and adventurous. Growing up, Sarah wanted to be an Interior Designer. Now, she helps meet sales goals by supporting bid response efforts, obtaining new GSA schedules, and conducting research.

Which JetCo office dog is Sarah? Rue - she's fun and easy going.

Amber Perroud Biography Headshot

Amber Perroud Business Administrator

  • (616) 577-2170

  • amber@jetcofederal.com

Amber is witty, genuine, and caring. When she was little, Amber wanted to be a Girl Scout troop leader or a grocery store cashier. Now she supports the finance, HR, technology, and administrative functions of JetCo.

Which JetCo office dog is Amber? Rue – she is smart, attentive, and people smile when they are around her.

Karen Schweim Biography Heashot

Karen Schweim Internal Control Specialist

  • (616) 588-2506

  • karen@jetcofederal.com

Karen is loyal, diligent, and thankful. Growing up, Karen wanted to be a mother. Now she's the mother of JetCo Federal Supply's President, Sue. She's also in charge of our books and end-of-month processes.

Which JetCo office dog is Karen? Madeline - she has the energy of 10 dogs.

Rocco, JetCo Office Dog

Johnny Schweir Capture Specialist

  • (616) 588-2496

  • john@jetcofederal.com

Johnny is loyal, adventurous, and outgoing. When he was younger, Johnny wanted to be a National Parks Forest Ranger or a Camp Counselor. Now, he uses research from government databases to identify current and future opportunities and to support bid response efforts. In return, this research helps the company reach sales goals.

Which JetCo office dog is Johnny? Rocco - he comes into the office excited and full of energy.

Sue Tellier Biography Headshot

Sue Schweim Tellier President

  • (616) 588-2492

  • sue@jetcofederal.com

Sue is intense, particular, and neurotic about exceeding expectations. When she was little, Sue wanted to be President of the United States. Now she runs JetCo Federal Supply.

Which JetCo office dog is Sue? Madeline - she has distinctive quirks and is intense about everything.

Jordan Simpson Biography Headshot

Jordan Simpson, CLTD Director of Logistics

  • (616) 588-0066

  • jordan@jetcofederal.com

Jordan is technical, driven, and animated. When he was little, Jordan wanted to be a professional hockey player or an electrical engineer. Now he orchestrates the delivery of freight to JetCo customers.

Which JetCo office dog is Jordan? Cyrus - he is a quiet and gentle giant that is happy and loving.